The Animal Town Comedy Show is a fan-made television animated comedy show starring funny animal characters from old and new cartoons (mainly Mickey and Minnie Mouse) who lives in a island-town named Animal Town.


Each half-hour episode consisted of a variety of cartoons, varying in length from ninety seconds to twelve minutes. These shorts fell into three general types: the brief gag cartoons, the longer character-based cartoons, and the more classically-based "Animal Tales". The character-based segments also included "Silly Symphonies", carrying on the tradition of the Walt Disney's series of theatrical shorts of the same name.

The gag shorts, which lasted 90 seconds each, are shown with the following umbrella titles:

  • Mickey to the Rescue: Mickey tries to rescue Minnie from Professor Neurus's (and sometimes Dastardly's, Herbert's or Pete's) trap-laden hideout.
  • Maestro Minnie: Minnie conducts an orchestra of animated, disagreeable, instruments.
  • Bugs' Rabbit Season: Bugs Bunny is pursued by hunters and outwit achieved in many ways.
  • The Wattersons' Control Toubles: The Watterson family fight for the remote when they realize everything they want to see are transmitted simultaneously, but ends up causing chaos in Animal Town.
  • Henery's Hunts: Henery Hawk tries to hunt down other characters thinking they are chickens.
  • Sheriff George P. Dog: George P. Dog plays the role of a unlucky sheriff who unsuccessfully tries to arrest the gangster rabbits Bunny and Claude.
  • Krazy and Ignatz's Love Follies: In a "how-to" segment, Krazy unsuccessfully tries to makes Ignatz fall in love in her, to the words of her offscreen narrator.
  • Goofy's Extreme Sports: In a "how-to" segment, Goofy shows off extreme sports to the words of his offscreen narrator.
  • The Warners' Plays: The Warner Siblings presents their own versions of classics theater plays with Yakko makes the role of a character of the play while Wakko makes his crazy ways for make joys and Dot translates everything he says Yakko (a la William Shakespeare) towards comedy.
  • Tom's and Jerry's Ways for Tramps: In a "how-to" segment, Tom unsuccessfully tries to catch Jerry with his own mouse-hunting tramps to the words of his offscreen narrator.
  • Wile E. Coyote's Tramps: Wile E. Coyote unsuccessfully tries to catch the Road Runner with Acme's tramps what he buys.
  • Larguirucho's Silly Poems: Larguirucho tells many poems with other characters in the roles of the poems' characters.
  • Donald's Dynamite: Donald's activity is interrupted by the appearance of a well-placed bomb.
  • Peri's and Entrée's Silly Games: Peri and Entrée plays some silly games and ends up detroys all Animal Town.
  • Von Drake's House of Genius: Ludwig Von Drake shows off an invention of his which goes haywire.
  • Pluto Gets the Paper: Pluto goes through a bit of problems trying to fetch the newspaper for Mickey.
  • Woody's and Wally's Crazied Pranks: Woody plays a prank Wally and ends up chase them.
  • Daisy's and George's Cars Roads: Daisy drives like crazy a car in the driving school with her ever-suffering driving teacher, George P. Dog.

With no established schedule or routine, The Animal Town Comedy Show was designed to look like one spontaneous flow. Adding to that feeling were the show's opening credits, which ended differently each week, the only constant being an elaborate interruption from a spotlight-stealing Daffy Duck.

While most skits involved individual characters, some have Mickey, Donald, and Goofy running a special service group. Most Officer Bull Pupp skits have him doing a Inspector Clouseau-like segment where it is feaured trying to arrest criminals. Most Rocky and Bullwinkle and Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole skits have them as secret agents from a animal secret agency along with Ludwig Von Drake as the agency's gadget inventor and two new characters named Jet Pack Cat (based on Jet Pack Guy from Club Penguin) and Megan the Costume Rabbit (based on Dot the Disguise Gal from Club Penguin). Most the Pink Panther and the Blue Aardvark skits (only when both characters interact each other) have them a rivality between the two characters. Most Charlie Ant skits have him escaping from the evil and stupid Blue Aardvark. Most George P. Dog segments are about him trying to accomplish a certain task which never works out right, frustrating him.

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